Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers

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Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers
Original Price: 4000$
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jesse Elder
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Jesse Elder’s LXG Legion of Extraordinary GameChangers
Original Price: 4000$
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jesse Elder
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

There’s no going back now…
Hi, I’m Jesse Elder.
Are you an expert who gets wonderful results with your clients, patients, or students?
Are you ready to claim your seat at the richly set table of multiple six-figure income earners who care as much about people as you do about profits?
Do you cringe at the thought of using pushy, slimy sales tactics?
Are you fed up with the mind-numbing complexities of tricky funnels, expensive ads, and too many moving parts in your business?
Do you just want to change lives for a living, and get paid what you really deserve?
Well, this may be the place you’ve been searching for.
The LXG has been designed with obsessive detail to be everything you need if you’re ready to join the realm of Million Dollar Coaches who are marching to the beat of their own drum.
My arrival into the coaching world was accidental & my early days of relentless testing and trials, tough.
But with lessons learned over the past 10 years, I’ve generated over $10,000,000 in sales through my organic methods. I’ve had the privilege to personally teach these methods to over 1,000 coaches and consultants; from healers to spiritual guides, health and fitness geniuses, financial gurus, and even Doctors, and Scientists. And it’s with great appreciation that I can say we are all having more fun than we ever thought possible.
When you figure out how to get paid enormously well for being YOURSELF, well, life takes on a sort of legendary shine.
The wisdom economy is on the brink of an explosive growth period.
Fortunes are being made by those who a) Actually care about their prospects and clients, and b) have unshakable faith in what they are selling.
This is what we do inside the LXG.
Help you turn your deep caring into magnetic messaging that makes sales easy, fast, and fun.
And help you build a service that is world-class, so that your reputation speaks for itself.
If all this resonates, and you’re ready to simplify AND multiply your business, I look forward to connecting with you.
Your Admiring Fan,

PS) Don’t take my word for all these claims. Hear from LXG members as they share their experience…
What’s Included In LXG…

There are only two things you must focus on to grow your coaching business: MINDSET and METHODOLOGY.

1) Mindset Mondays
How do you defeat doubt, overcome overwhelm, and rise past your limiting beliefs? Every Monday, we take on these subjects and more…

✓How to set up your day for success, so that you automatically take the actions that produce results.
✓What to do when you encounter doubt, negativity, or self-criticism.
✓The mindset differences between those who make $100,000 year vs. a $100,000 month.

Also included are “Hot Seat” personal coaching rounds, live Q&A, and chances to learn and connect with your fellow LXG members.

2) Wisdom Wednesdays
To consistently reach $100,000 months, you must have 4 parts of your business in harmony. We call this the “ACES” model.

✓Attract: Make your messaging feel like the answer to a prayer for your Dream Clients.
✓Connect: Master the art of the aligned, high-value sale.
✓Expand: Improve the lifetime value of the relationship by innovating, always evolving and creatively making your client’s lives better with new offers that they gobble up with appreciation.
✓Sustain: Grow your income by leveraging your wisdom. The less you work, the more you’ll make. We will show you exactly how.

3) Contextualized Coaching
We’ve designed LXG with an abundance of opportunities to get personalized mentoring from Jesse including…

✓The infamous “TimePiercing” Hot Seats that give you laser-specific personal mentoring to resolve your most urgent problems with customized solutions that match your unique situation and personality.
✓Freedom Fridays: Once per month, we gather around the “virtual campfire” for an improv collection of stories and strategies.
✓Interactive Q&A’s where you are an important part of the conversation.
✓And More…

4) The LXG Community
One of the biggest things that stops experts from reaching their goals is a lack of accountability. Changing lives is often a very lonely journey. We solve this problem by offering a vibrant community where you can connect with your fellow members to ask questions, celebrate your progress, share what’s working for you, and get useful feedback from others.

5) The LXG Library
With over 50+ hours of previously recorded Mindset Monday, Wisdom Wednesday, and Freedom Friday sessions, your LXG Library is a living, ever-expanding vault of on-demand resources. By referring to the clearly labeled show notes and session titles, you will be able to find fast solutions to any challenge you may come up against.

✓Improving Your Communication And Attraction
✓Your Relationship To Money And The Speed Of Bringing It In
✓Holding Kick-ass Live Events
✓And More…

6) The SOUL Collection
All of Jesse’s most popular personal development and spiritual growth programs have been placed here into a single collection for your ongoing educational needs. Since we all know that constant self development goes hand in hand with professional growth, this “School Of Upgraded Life” will help you stay present, aligned, inspired, and growing as your life’s journey evolves.

✓Prime Light Meditation
✓Journal Secrets
✓12 Rituals
✓The Upgraded Life
✓And More…


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