Feminine Power The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman by Claire Zammit

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Feminine Power The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman by Claire Zammit
Original Price: $794
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Author: Claire Zammit
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Feminine Power The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman by Claire Zammit
Original Price: $794
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Claire Zammit
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

In The 7 Week Feminine Power Essential Course You’ll Be Guided To:
“Fire Starter” Ignite Your Potentials Course Orientation

If you’re like most self-actualizing women, you probably feel called to create and manifest in many different areas of your life—from relationships to purpose, prosperity and more… But where and how to get started? Which area will hold the most power?
During this kick off event Claire will guide you through the process of activating the magnetic power of your potentials and supporting you to gain clarity about which area of your life is most “in season” to manifest in.
When you focus on creating in this area of your life you’ll find it 10 times easier to succeed with and connect with a field of flow, synchronicity and support.
Claire will share insights gleaned from her own journey awakening Feminine Power, as well as from coaching and mentoring 40,000 women through this process. You will discover the 3 KEY Shifts you can make to prepare yourself to get the most out of the course and have this experience be a turning point in your life.
You’ll also have the opportunity to hear the voices of an extraordinary tribe of women and begin the process of awakening your Feminine Power.
Claire will also offer a full orientation to the 7-step process of awakening your Feminine Power, including the nuts and bolts of how the program works and how you can prepare to get the most out of it.
Awaken Your Feminine Power

In the first step in our Awakening Feminine Power process, you’ll uncover the relationship you’ve had so far with Masculine & Feminine Energies so that you can break free from any barriers in the way as you tap into the source of your power. You will:
Discover how to source limitless power to create those things you care most about in life, things like true love, authentic intimacy, a sense of belonging, and the ability to unleash your unique gifts and contributions into the world.
Awaken to the deeper meaning of your life, and begin co-creating a future that lights you up and passionately ignites and inspires your creativity.
Discover how to access and begin harnessing the 3 Power Centers of authentic Feminine Power to cause the full flourishing of life for yourself and others.
Integrate and assimilate the gifts of masculine power we’ve learned along the way, evolving what it is to hold power in a way that fosters goodness, care and well-being in our lives and in our world.
Begin to partner and co-create with the Greater Field of Life such that you continually experience synchronicity, magic and miracles in your life.
Connect with and begin harnessing the amplifying power of the collective field to become the woman you were born to become.
Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Imagine what could be possible if your own relationship with your feelings and emotions became a source of power in your life…
And what might open up once you leave behind those patterns that have been the “inner” glass ceiling on your own potentials once and for all?
During this training module, you’ll discover how to Unlock Feminine Power Center One: Your Relationship With Yourself so that you can breakthrough your “inner” glass ceiling.
Your “inner” glass ceiling is that pattern that has repeated itself again and again, preventing you from manifesting your desires and vision—up until now!
You’ll discover how to liberate yourself from patterns of the past, and build an empowered relationship with the “self” in your body.
You may have noticed by now that there’s a “self” in your mind (who has a lot of ideas about how things should be!) and there’s a “self” in your body (who primarily experiences life emotionally).
The power to transform your life awakens when these two “selves” are in an empowered relationship with each other.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Relate to your experience in a way that gives you unprecedented power to graduate beyond the patterns of your past, no matter how deeply ingrained they’ve been.
Connect with the parts of yourself that are holding the emotional centers of your most difficult core beliefs in ways that catalyze your growth and allow you to evolve beyond them.
Have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of who you are and what is truly possible in your life and begin generating a life that reflects this truth back to you everywhere you go.
Transform the self-defeating ways you’ve been showing up in life, and powerfully begin generating new and life affirming ways of engaging with yourself, others and life.
Activate Your Feminine Navigation System

Imagine forging an unshakeable connection to your own inner knowing as well as sourcing the limitless support that’s available in your relationship to a higher power, activating the magnetic power of your deeper desires, discovering your intuitive knowing, taking inspired action—and being unstoppable!
During this training module, you’ll discover how to Unlock Feminine Power Center Two: Your Relationship with “The Greater Field of Life” or the Universe, so that you can manifest your deepest desires and biggest visions for life!
Discovering how to consciously connect and partner with this higher power is the key to finding your True North, manifesting your deepest desires and bringing forth your larger destiny.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Tap into the limitless support and resources of the Universe with an authentic confidence and faith to bring forth the fulfillment of your greatest potentials.
Activate the magnetic power of your desires and begin to draw to you all manner of resources and support to fulfill your vision.
Co-create with a higher power.
Attune to your inner compass and gain the courage to take the inspired actions that will lead to the fulfillment of your own unique destiny.
Learn to use setbacks, delays, obstacles and disappointments to catapult you toward the highest possibilities of your life.
Magnetize Support & Amplify Your Power

When you Unlock this third and final Feminine Power Center: Your Relationship with Others, you’ll gain the power to and step into playing your biggest game and make the greatest difference with your gifts!
Did you know that geese flying in formation can fly 70% farther and at a much faster speed than they ever could alone?
And did you know that a recent study in Princeton, New Jersey, has shown that when committed groups of people set intentions together, they’re six times more likely to manifest what they’re focused on?
Most of us have spent decades struggling in isolation, trying to break free from old patterns and launch our creativity into the world.
Even though some of us have supportive friends and family members, our inner experience is that we’re alone and our full flourishing is a personal problem we have to tackle by ourselves.
It’s only by coming together and tapping into the magical power of the “collective field” and forging “Power Partnerships” that we can step into our larger destiny.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Discover the most important key to manifesting powerfully in your life in partnership with the “relational” field around you.
Magnetize, generate and receive support as a profound source of power in your life.
Attract and create “Power Partnerships” and evolve and up-level dynamics in all your relationships in order to realize the greatest possibilities of your life.
Collaborate and unleash limitless co-creativity to fulfill your mutual potentials.
Unlocking Feminine Radiance

Imagine feeling safe, authentically confident and ecstatically alive in your body, and deeply connected to your value in a way that enables you to become fully visible and to shine your unique feminine light brightly into the world.
This is what becomes possible when you Unlock your Feminine Radiance!
In this training module, you’ll discover the true source of your own value in ways that will free you to become powerfully and unselfconsciously visible as your most authentic self. This shift into embracing your light and power is critical to fulfilling the deepest potentials for your life.
When you embody your own radiance fully, in spite of any imperfections you believe you have, you’ll become liberated from the fears that so commonly hold us back from expressing our power and allowing our brilliance to shine.
We’ll also come together to create a new culture of women shining together, feeding each other permission and power to become our most fully realized, radiant selves.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Unlock the source of your true value and fall deeply and in love with yourself.
Experience a sense of safety and authentic confidence to shine your unique feminine radiance brightly into the world.
Learn how radiance is different from classical ideas about beauty, and discover the freedom to express and embody your own unique radiance fully.
Awaken your body to a radical experience of ecstatic aliveness, and begin experiencing a sweet sense of pleasure in the simple, ordinary moments of your life.
Learn to celebrate the power and unique radiance of all women, encouraging your sisters everywhere to rise to the fullness of who they are, and experience that level of support in return.
Become A Powerful Creator

NOW, it’s time to MANIFEST and create in a BIG WAY.
In this session, you’ll begin to powerfully create the future of your life and manifest your vision. You’ll be guided to source your power and identity from the brightest future you’re creating, and to liberate your energy from the past.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Step into the “beingness” that will create the future that you are manifesting and, as a result, enter a magical portal of synchronicity and support for all you are up to in life.
Begin preparation for the future you are standing for, rather than attempting to fix the past, and catapult your process of rapid, lasting transformation.
Start generating structures to receive the future you desire, weaving a magnetic field to support the fulfillment of your desires.
Live on the ever-emerging edge of creative possibility.
Step Into Influence & Impact

Having become the co-creators of our future one critical question remains:
How can we truly be empowered in a world where others are disempowered?
The answer is what you’ll discover in this session—we must also awaken the power to empower others and our world!
In this session you’ll take the final step in awakening your Feminine Power—gaining the power to empower, uplift and ignite the potentials of your family members, colleagues, clients, community and impact the larger world with your gifts, affecting our collective future on a scale larger than you can even imagine.
In this session you’ll discover how to:
Awaken to yourself as the very creative energy of the Life Force itself, and begin unleashing your magic upon the world.
Transform dynamics in all your relationships to ones of empowerment with ease and flow.
Remove the barriers to collaboration and co-creation so that you can harness the resources of the larger field to manifest your vision.
Become more powerful than you ever imagined and fulfil your destiny as a creator of the future, not just of your own life but of our larger world.
Finale – Leap into Your Destiny

During this FINALE event you’ll have the opportunity to AIM HIGHER—and go for the gold in your life by aligning with your Destiny Path. You’ll be supported to integrate each step in the Awakening Feminine Power Process so that you can:
Step into shining your light into the world like never before
Apply the core Feminine Power practices in an ongoing way. (If you missed any teaching sessions, these tips will give you instant access to the core transformation of each one.)
Work with the breakthroughs you’ve generated in the program to ensure lasting change in your life. (These tips are fun and inspiring!)
Nurture a commitment to bringing forth your own contributions to create the life you were born to live and to co-create the future—it’s your time to soar.
Discover the practices for living the high magic of the Feminine.
Connect and commit to the deepest desires of your soul and become unstoppable on your destiny path.


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