Bedros Keuilian – Online Info Blueprint

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Bedros Keuilian – Online Info Blueprint
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You Just Pay: $39.95 (One Time – 90% Off) 
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Bedros Keuilian – Online Info Blueprint
Original Price: $397
You Just Pay: $39.95 (One Time – 90% Off) 
Author:_Bedros Keuilian
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

 You just need to send us Link of Course and

Transaction ID. We will send a link to your mail

Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Can you use more clients and customers from the Internet?

Discover How To Easily Turn Your Knowledge and Expertise Into An Online Information Product in Only 30 Days

Hey Friend,

My name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m an Online Marketer, which pretty much means I sell information such as my expertise, knowledge and solutions to tens of thousands of people on the Internet every month.

In fact, this guy does, too.

His name a Craig Ballantyne and he makes millions of dollars selling information products like e-books, video training, and membership sites online.

And we can show you how to do exactly what we do so that you can help more people and make more money using the reach and the power of the World Wide Web…

…best of all your online info business can give you the financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world, make really good money, and upgrade your lifestyle as long as you have an internet connection.

We do it all the time.

And so do our clients who make millions of dollars each year by turning their knowledge and expertise into online info products and selling it to people worldwide.

Right now, somewhere out in the world, someone is frustrated and looking for the solution that you offer.

In fact, there are lost folks out there, utterly distraught because they are unable to become who or what they wish to be. They hate their lives, their jobs, even themselves, because they need something.

Know what it is? It’s you.

They’re trying to become what they have always dreamt of being but they simply don’t know how. You see, they have a problem and you may have the solution, but until and unless these people find and buy your product they’ll never be happy.

And that’s the secret to online information marketing… creating a solution to a problem.

You know what that’s like, don’t you?

You have a great idea for an info product. You know that your product can help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide…

…and you know that your product belongs online.


You hear about so many different ways to start an online business that after a while it just gets confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming.?

I know the feeling.

Back in 2001 I spent over $135,000 on my first online info business and it still didn’t sell, get leads, or get found on the web.

I felt hopeless about the whole thing.

I bought the courses, went to the seminars, and hired “experts” who said they could help me.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way. There’s no man on a white horse who’s going to gallop in and save the day.

I had to figure it out on my own.

And these days it seems even more difficult to start an online business with all the complexities out there…

…do you create a blog, buy traffic, hire an SEO team, do social media, make a squeeze page, write copy or make a video sales letter?

Or do you make your product a physical one, or digital?

Ebook or videos?

Membership site or micro continuity?

And that’s probably why most people who have an idea to create an online info product never get around to it. It’s just too overwhelming.

So then you continue to “dabble” with the idea of making an info product, but you just never seem to get around to it.

And in the meantime all those people who could use your product to solve the problem they have are suffering… or they’re buying someone else’s product.

What’s worse is that YOU continue to live on a limited income. You’re probably making a fraction of what you could be making if you could just get your information product launched and selling online.

That’s no way to live. You deserve better. And your future clients and customers deserve your product.


Now imagine how wonderful it would be to bring in all the income you need in order to have the lifestyle you want to live, all while simultaneously helping the people who need your product to improve their own lives and increase their standard of living.

So get excited, because you’re about to get started on what will become the most incredible, most rewarding, and most profitable venture of your life.

Warning: Online get-rich-quick scams are swindling people out of thousands of dollars by promising over night success. REAL online success only happens when you productize your knowledge, deliver value, and build your business through the proven 30-day blueprint found on this site.

Information is king. And in today’s e-commerce and tech-centered culture if you have information, knowledge, expertise or a solution to sell then the Internet is where you stand to make a lot of money.

But most people don’t know the first thing about creating an online product, let alone marketing and selling it.

Then there’s a small group of people who know the secret to creating an online info business.

They are not only out there teaching it, but they actually do it. This is how we make our living… by actually doing what we teach, and teaching what we do.

Now, you’re probably wondering who I am and how I can help you.

As I said before, my name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m an Online Marketer and business coach. So is my good friend Craig Ballantyne.

You may not have heard of us before, but if you’ve bought any kind of health, fitness, diet, or nutrition information products online, odds are, you’ve done business with us or one of our clients.

I’ve been called the hidden genius behind many of the top income generating information products online. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of up and coming online info marketers create massively successful six, multiple six and seven figure producing online businesses.

I’ve done it myself dozens of times and helped many of my friends and clients become incredibly successful with their online businesses, too.

In fact, I’m the guy the expert author turned to when she needed to have a massive book launch. The result was over 21,000 copies sold in only four days. I’m guessing that was some kind of an online sales record.

I’m also the guy that has helped two franchises set industry growth records by strictly selling their business model online to business opportunity seekers, rather than the old fashioned way of tradeshows and magazine advertisements.

I’m also the guy that’s taken a simple idea in a niche industry and created a membership site out of it that now generates over $93,000 a month on a recurring basis.

In fact this same membership site has an average “stick rate” of 19 months per customer, yet another record, considering the average online membership site stick rate is only four months.

Then there’s Craig Ballantyne, and in addition to running multiple online businesses in the health, fitness, and financial freedom industries – he’s the guy that helped an online supplement company grow from zero to $100,000,000/year in only three and a half years.

He’s also the guy who taught a stay at home mom how to create a diet program and launch it online, and today she’s generating 7 figures a year from her online diet program that has sold in over 29 countries worldwide.

I’m not telling you any of this to impress you…

…I’m telling you this to impress upon you that when it comes to creating, marketing, selling, and building an online info business we’ve been told that we have the Midas touch.

And the testimonials and success stories down below will prove it…

Craig and I have dedicated our lives to helping entrepreneurs like yourself grow their businesses on the internet and win their financial freedom.

And now we want to help you take your idea, knowledge or expertise and turn it into an online business over the next 30-days.

We’ve created this extensive training program to teach people just like you how they can take their personal knowledge and transform it into a six-figure (even seven figure) generating online info product.

How the Online Info Blueprint Came About…

Craig and I run a very successful mastermind-coaching program that’s dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create, launch, and profit with their info products.

We call this mastermind group the 100K Info Mastermind because our goal with it is to get our clients on pace to generating 100K in 12 months…

…and that’s why each member happily pays $25,000/year for a membership.

In fact, the program is so popular that we’ve now grown it into two groups – and at the moment there’s a six month wait to join the 100K Info Mastermind.

However, since more and more people want to work with us, and since we really can’t take on any more coaching clients (because we don’t have time to start a third group)…

…we decided to put on a seminar a few months ago where Craig and I shared our complete 30-days blueprint to creating, launching and selling online info products.

In a nutshell, we compressed everything we teach in one year within our 100K Info Mastermind and distilled it down to a weekend workshop that delivered a 30-day blueprint to online info marketing success.

Over 300 people came from five countries to learn and apply what we taught, and I have to be honest, and tell you that we simply did not disappoint.

Thankfully for you, we also filmed the entire weekend and have made it available for you here on this page.

Alright, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking right about now, so first, let’s answer some of those questions that are whizzing through your head.

What is The Online Information Blueprint?
The Online Information Blueprint is a unique, one of a kind, and incredible training resource designed to provide the tools and resources you need to transform your knowledge and expertise into easy to access and digest online information products.

What is an online information product, anyway?
It’s just a fancy term to describe a product that teaches something and is distributed online. Things like eBooks, streaming videos, PDF reports, and other digital products that teach, educate, and deliver value.

Can I really make an online information product?
YES! It’s easy when you have us and some of our best friends (friends who are the biggest names in the online marketing world, by the way) teaching you how it’s done.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step to Creating Your Successful Online Information Marketing Business?

There were some incredible presentations that weekend at the Online Info Blueprint Workshop.

Here are the speakers that you’re going to learn from…

Tyler Bramlett, The Passive Income Generator
Tyler’s made over 2 MILLION DOLLARS selling diet and exercise products in 2015 alone! The CRAZY part is… He launched his first product LESS THAN 3 Years Ago. YES! Literally… 3 years ago all Tyler had was his ideas and ambition! NOW, he’s got 2 luxury cars worth over $200,000, owns a beautiful house by the beach, travels 10 days out of every month with his family and has a business that he loves! He’s got a LOT to teach you about building and scaling an internet business FAST. And during this bonus session Tyler is going to share his formula for creating winning offers that sell tens of thousands of copies of his programs. Now you’ll have his formula for creating winning offers, too!

Rick Kaselj, King of Affiliate Marketing
With over one hundred info products in the injury niche, Rick is the king of getting affiliates to support lunches that produce sales in the six figures in just a matter of days. The web houses an army of affiliates ready and willing to mail out for and support your product and Rick is going to teach you his simple formula for getting affiliate support and selling to other people’s customers.

Craig Ballantyne, The Copywriting Professor 
Craig has been published in more health and fitness magazines then I care to list here. He’s the guy that all of the top fitness publications turn to for real science-based fitness information. Craig has also authored and co-authored over twenty different fitness and fat loss programs online making himself additional hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, while helping millions of people worldwide live healthier lives.

Craig’s presentations cover an in-depth exploration of the many intricacies of copywriting for online information marketing. He will give you his proven and foolproof formula for copy that sells. Even if you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life, Craig’s lessons are broken down with a step-by-step process that can be followed by anyone with any level of experience.

Bedros Keuilian, The Hidden Genius

Then there’s me, Bedros Keuilian. For nearly a decade now my online information products alone have consistently generated multiple seven figures a year in what most would consider a small niche market with heavy competition. When I took the stage I gave our attendees all the tools they needed to conquer on of the biggest obstacles you will encounter: marketing on the Internet. After hearing my presentations, our attendees knew exactly how to tackle everything from paid ads to free exposure, from YouTube to search engine optimization. I used my time on the stage to shine a spotlight on the mystery that is Internet Marketing.

Now, I knew that weekend was going to be incredible but I also knew that, because spots were limited, only a tiny fraction of the individuals who could benefit from that event were going to attend.

So I recorded it.

I hired a professional Los Angeles production company to record the presentations on video and package the entire conference into one amazing bundle. And that’s what I am offering you today, the opportunity to learn from the best online info marketers on the planet from the comfort of your home!

 You just need to send us Link of Course and

Transaction ID. We will send a link to your mail

Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Now, you may not realize it, but this is outrageous.

The people who went to this event paid a whole lot of money (thousands of dollars!) just to be able to come and see my friends and I speak once. And now, for pretty much nothing compared to what they paid, I am offering you the ability to OWN the 30-day blueprint that Craig and I taught and the online marketing secrets that our guest presenters shared.

But it’s silly, listening to me tell you how amazing this information is.

So I want you to hear from some people who actually attended the two-day workshop and listen to what they have to say about Online Info Blueprint.

Before I started coaching with Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian I was a dentist with several successful practice locations. Although everything looked idyllic from the outside (big house, nice cars and beautiful wife and kids) I secretly yearned for something different from my life.

I wanted more time freedom and I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family.

So I created my first information product. Enter Bedros and Craig…

Within the first six months with Bedros and Craig’s mentorship my little side project had generated over $300,000. After the first year over $700,000 and within eighteen months, I had netted over $1,000,000.

My internet information business is now a multiple seven figure business thanks to these guys!

Even though I’ve cut my work hours in half while doubling my take home income, it’s impossible to quantify all of the value that I’ve experienced while receiving this high level coaching.

If you’re just getting started online… or if you’ve reached a plateau in your life and business, I highly recommend learning from Bedros and Craig. If you apply yourself and trust the process, it will take everything in your life to the next level and beyond.

— Mark Costes

When I first met Bedros, my business was a small start-up. I followed his advice for 18 months, and I made just over one million dollars. That happened actually BEFORE I’d even spoken with him! I just followed what he posted for free on the internet.

I thought to myself, “If I made this much from following his blog – imagine if this guy was my business coach.”

I’m now rounding up my 5th year in business and will finish 2014 with over $10,000,000 in gross revenue. And that’s just in one year!

I also had my first $1,000,000 month in April of this year.

Bedros has had my back the entire way, answering questions, helping me to solve problems, and providing amazing support, too.

All I can say is get ready for a life-changing experience. Missing out on an opportunity to learn from Bedros is like telling yourself that you just don’t want to be successful and you’re happy with being mediocre.

If you have ambition though, and you want to finally GROW, then get in Bedros’ circle as quickly as you can.

— Mike Parrella

In 2011, I was struggling as a 1-on-1 trainer, working long hours and more importantly, my wife was a teacher. We wanted her to be at home with our kids, but financially, we couldn’t make it work. I also had a dream of having an online business, but didn’t know how to make it work without the headaches and frustration. I had been following Craig and Bedros for a long time and I knew they would steer me in the right direction because I’ve seen other people have huge success that got mentored by them.

Before I started coaching, I was making $0 online and I was training people one-on-one, managing a gym and running a part-time bootcamp business.

The biggest thing that coaching has taught me is to be persistent, but be persistent on the right things. There’s a lot of opportunities to focus on the next bright, shiny object only to find out that’s all it is… a bright, shiny object. Craig and Bedros have given me specific instructions on what to do, when to do it and how to do it to explode my business (without the fluff).

Once I started coaching, I was on the fast track… faster than I ever imagined!

6 months later, I quit my gym management job, cut loose of all my one-on-one clients (except one that I CHOSE to continue working with), and stopped my bootcamps because of my online income.

2 months after that, my wife quit her teaching job and became a stay-at-home Mom!

I just moved recently to a better neighborhood and a new home to raise our two little boys… which wasn’t possible without my online business.

Last year, I brought in $200,000 in revenue. When I started, I brought in ZERO revenue.

If you’re feeling a little hesitant and nervous about coming to an event like this, I know how you feel. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Before coming to one myself, I had not been on a plane in 8 years. That one trip changed my life and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do it. I had to do SOMETHING. That “something” impacted my whole family in the most amazing way. DO IT.

— Mike Whitfield

I’m 33 years old, a mother of 2 young children, my husband is my business partner and my company grosses $300,000 per year for the last two years. My take home profit is well over 6-figures and I’m only just getting started!

But a couple years ago I had my BIG IDEA but nothing else. No systems to take my idea to market, no concept of online marketing or how to turn my big idea into a product or business that would afford me the freedom to live my life on my own terms.

After attending a one-day workshop with Bedros and Craig I left feeling confident and empowered with my marching orders (my plan) in hand. I had a detailed list of the action steps I needed to follow in order to create my online product. I knew that if I got stuck my mentors were only an email or text message away.

I knew I was playing small and not living up to my potential, which was devastating but I had no idea how to turn it around.

Yes, the money I now make is wonderful but what’s more important is the personal transformation I’ve undergone. I am a different person now… with no fear about where my next pay check will come from. I’ve learned how to create money out of thin air when I need it, and that’s a skill that will serve me and my family for life.

— Lori Kennedy

When I first started with Craig and Bedros, I was looking for a way to use the internet as a tool to reach a wider audience as a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine expert.

My initial 5 year goal was to help 1 million people improve their health. I reached 1 million in less than 18 months. My email list size was originally 500 people when I first met Bedros and Craig. Since working with them I have grown it to over 100,000. In addition, I have created a social media fan base of about 105,000 people.

The tools and techniques I have learned have allowed me to multiply my online info sales 11 times over. Bottom line – if you are looking for an inexpensive way to grow your online business and accelerate your success, then Bedros and Craig should be on top of your short list of experts to work with.

— Dr. Osborne

Before I started working with Bedros and Craig, I was really frustrated with my online business. I was very scattered and had no system for success but I knew I had a GREAT product. I was even losing money with all the “shiny new objects” that I was chasing. I needed the expertise, direction and accountability that I knew Bedros and Craig could provide. It was a no-brainer.

B & C showed me how to systematize my day for maximum productivity – a real challenge when you have 5 kids like I do. They also showed me how to consistently create killer content and how I could easily track what really mattered so that I knew what was working.

The results? I DOUBLED my business in 60 days after doing what Bedros and Craig told me to do and in just 6 months I was on pace to make 6-figures.

If you’re serious about your online business, attend any event, meeting, or coaching group with Bedros and Craig. They will save you a lot of money and hardship and it will dramatically shorten the learning curve. You won’t get caught making mistakes that people have already made because you’ll be given a direct blueprint that works. Take the plunge and do it.

— Chris Lopez

Before getting coaching with Bedros and Craig, I was getting nowhere in my online business. I only made $100 my first year. It was frustrating. I was tired of working long hours with no results.

Their coaching helped me develop a clear action plan and deadline so I could get my new products finished and launched in half the time. They gave me new ideas to launch 4 info products over the last year, and now I’ve grown to FIVE thousand dollars per month. So GO FOR IT and get connected.

Follow the plan from Bedros and CB and you’ll succeed. You have nothing to lose. Stop wondering and get it out there. I know I waited way too long to take action and regret not starting sooner. If anyone can help you make it happen for you, it’s Bedros and CB.

— Kate Vidulich

I didn’t have an online business before I got coaching from Craig and Bedros. I had tried making money online through article writing and SEO in the past and it failed miserably. There were so many wasted hours and I couldn’t find anyone who could help me. I knew I didn’t have a shot without a mentor, so I started getting coaching from them. I had followed their work for a few years and knew they could help me. I knew I wanted to learn from the best.

My biggest takeaway from the coaching was that selling must be your number one priority every day. I knew how to create great products but I knew nothing about writing sales copy, how to sell my product, or how to market my product.

Like most people, the word selling always left a bad taste in my mouth.

BUT it’s actually quite the opposite.

You have a product that can help change people’s lives, so you have an obligation to sell it. There are so many people out there who are frustrated and losing hope. You must save them by selling!

Craig and Bedros helped me make my first 400 sales fast. If you want to have an info business, then you have to go to this seminar. Otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time doing things that don’t matter, you’ll spin your wheels and probably end up giving up like so many others have.

Every success story lists coaching as one of their keys to success. It’s not a coincidence. I took a week off of work to attend my first seminar with Craig and Bedros instead of going on vacation. Do whatever is necessary to make it there.

— Derek Whaler

Being coached by Craig was one of the best business decisions I have made. I wanted to know what works and Craig gave me that in spades. I was also fortunate enough to be part of Craig and Bedros mastermind and they gave me more actionable advice that you can use right away in 10 minutes then you’ll get from a dozen books.

If you want to grow a profitable, sustainable online info business you need to go to a seminar with these guys. If you implement even 5% of what you learn from Craig and Bedros, you will be a success in no time flat.

— John Rowley

Years ago I was at a HUGE glass ceiling in my business until I was introduced to Craig & Bedros through one of my best friends, Joel Marion. I wanted to grow my online business and I heard that these guys were the BEST in the industry. I didn’t waste time or money on any other options because I ONLY wanted to work with the BEST.

Before working with Craig & Bedros I NEVER got any sleep, I was always missing meals, I NEVER saw my family, I had ZERO freedom and I was a prisoner of my passion for fitness that had become a dead-end J.O.B.

They gave me clear directions on how to execute and deadlines to push me harder for success. Their coaching led to more connections with all the right people. I went from training clients for 80-100 hours per week to taking my expertise online and making 6-figures in my first year. Five months into my 2nd year online, I’m already on track to double last year’s profits.

Craig & Bedros helped me get back my freedom, my family, and my life. Their help has been priceless! If this can happen for me, it CAN happen for you too. You’ve found the ONLY coaches you need. I’m living proof.

— Dan Long

I signed up for business coaching with Craig when I didn’t really have a business yet and with money I didn’t really have. Now, some folks may call that “dumb” but all I knew is that I had a burning desire to be successful in the fitness industry and this guy had already been there and done that.

In every other area of my life where I was successful, I did it by following a foolproof step-by-step plan created by someone who had already done what I wanted to do. That, combined with relentless persistence, is pretty much the recipe for success (write that down). At the time, I was a high school teacher making $40K a year. That was 5 years ago.

Today, I give more than 10xs that amount to various charities each year. I want for nothing. I have a beautiful family that I can spend as much time with as I please because I work from home and create my own schedule. I don’t answer to a boss, I don’t set an alarm clock and I don’t deal with winter anymore. Six months after meeting Craig I was making more than $40K per MONTH and I moved to warm, sunny Florida from the bitter-cold North East.

I live what anyone would consider to be the ideal life and it all started with making the decision to hire Craig as my coach and my mentor. Craig has a unique ability to coach, to motivate, to teach, and most importantly, to show you, step-by-step, how to build a successful internet business. Beyond that, he is your fast-pass ticket to a network of colleagues in the fitness industry that you MUST establish to be successful. If you are wired with same burning desire to be successful that I was, and if you’re willing to be relentlessly persistent to achieve that success, then your next no-brainer move is to tap into Craig, his knowledge, his coaching, and his network.

There is only one possible outcome if you do: radical, accelerated realization of your dreams becoming reality.

— Joel Marion

Prior to working with Craig and Bedros, I was on the rise, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to be one of the great ones and set myself apart from the pack. I didn’t want to be a big fish in a small pond so I decided to surround myself with leaders and coaches like Craig and Bedros who were ahead of me in business development and crushing their competitors.

I didn’t want to get left behind fighting for the scraps or end up like one of those guys on YouTube chasing clicks for AdSense. I wanted a REAL business and a brand with legs that could scale up to at least 20+ million a year.

One thing I learned from these guys is if you can achieve your goals alone than you simply didn’t aim high enough. Nothing great is achieved alone so I looked to the “movers and shakers” to help me identify the dollar bills in my business and not waste time picking up the pennies. Aside from gaining unique marketing strategies, the biggest thing I got from them was holding me accountable, believing in me and challenging me to raise the bar and go after my Big Goals. Plus, these guys don’t just give you “tips” and “tricks”(you can get those anywhere) they plant vision and forecast your future and you better believe this lights a fire under your ass.

Let me say, if you can’t build a 7 figure business after working with these guys for a few years, you did something very wrong. Today I get dozens of emails from guys wanting to get into the online fitness world and my simple reply is, ‘Go to one of Craig and Bedros’ seminars.

If that doesn’t work for you then you weren’t cut out for this.” If you’re ready to bust your tail, this will be the best investment you make.

— Vince Del Monte

I decided to coach with Craig after watching his first seminar about how to sell information products online. It was obvious that he knew exactly how to teach me to use the internet and free myself from my 14 hour day personal training schedule. I also had a website where I was trying – unsuccessfully – to sell an e-book.

After my first meeting with Craig, I realized it was all wrong. Craig helped restructure the website and it started to bring in sales, eventually helping us build a multi-million dollar business.

Craig not only showed me how to master the world of internet marketing, but also how to master my schedule so that I had the time to create a multi-million dollar business while being a mom to two young boys.

You don’t learn these skills in school and I find many entrepreneurs struggle with this critical component. Craig taught me how to structure my day so that my priorities always get done and I am now more productive than ever. This information has been priceless.

Going to the RIGHT seminar can literally save you years of trying to figure out how to create a profitable business on your own. I would have never been able to create a successful online business in 6 months without Craig’s guidance every step of the way.

Freeing yourself from your current job is easier than you think and Craig can show you how. You will be required to do the work, but it will be much easier once he gives you the exact blueprint to follow.

— Isabel De Los Rios

Today I earned my former annual teacher’s salary in just 60 days with my online business. But before working with Bedros and Craig, I had no product or no knowledge of online marketing.

One of the biggest bonuses of working with these guys and building my online business has been the personal growth I’ve experienced. I’m more confident in all aspects of my life.

I’m thrilled that I get to help SO many more people with an online presence. As well, I get to give back to those that are just starting in the business. This is VERY satisfying to me.

Of course there is financial benefit to this as well. I now have several income streams and a stable income from doing business that I love. I have the financial freedom I need to live the life I want being my own boss. I started with no list in 2012 and now have over 20K readers and consistently earn over $15K/month online.

With my new found confidence and work ethic, I feel I can make a bigger impact with helping more people through my online businesses.

— Shawna Kaminski

Launching an Internet-based business is definitely not something taught in school. We learned that the hard way.

After struggling for over two years with little success, we took a leap of faith and decided to connect with two experts who have been there, and done that: Craig and Bedros.

Thanks to their expertise, motivation and contacts in the industry, we were able to build a multiple 6 figures business in a single year.

Craig and Bedros will critique your marketing, destroy your sales letter and show you how disorganized you are but only to help you build a better version of your entrepreneur self.

The only thing we regret is having waited so long before working with them.

Their seminar will be a game-changer for you but only if you show up and take action!

— Nick & Gen

Pretty incredible, huh? If selling an information product and making thousands of dollars each month is starting to sound like something you could get into, then keep reading because you’re about to find out how it all works.

By now you know what the Online Information Blueprint is and that everyone who has used it believes it is incredible.

So let me tell you what Online Info Blueprint isn’t.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. In-fact, it isn’t a scheme at all. This is a tried and true training program that teaches incredibly valuable skills, processes, and knowledge.

There is a lot to know when it comes to creating an online information product and without anyone to teach you it could take years to figure this all out on your own.

This program is not designed for someone trying to make a quick buck, for someone afraid of responsibility or hard work, or for someone who thinks making tens of thousands of dollars while helping people around the world is a bad thing.

Are you confident that you have what it takes?

Now, let’s get down to the details, shall we? I’m going to break the Online Info Blueprint courses down and explain the individual modules so that you can see the massive list of benefits that the program has to offer (and as big as this list is, it’s still just a fraction of what you can learn from my system).


  • Learn what’s right for your idea, market, and knowledge
  • Find out how you can explore your options and find the perfect fit
  • Discover the perfect format for your product distribution and learn what always works and what always fails
  • Delve into the creative process and learn how the most successful design and create their products
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This is Every Online Marketer’s Dream! An Incredible Course That Will Give You Unrestricted Access to the Most Powerful Online Information Marketing Secrets, Taught to You by Guys who are Actually in the Trenches and Making Multiple Seven Figures Year After Year.

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We want everyone who has an info product or an idea for an info product to have the Online Info Blueprint at their fingertips, and that’s why we’ve chosen to keep the price for the entire video series at a low one-time payment of $397 for this launch special.

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