Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson – Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master

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Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson – Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master
Original Price: $2,995
You Just Pay: $79.95 (One Time – 88% OFF)
Author: Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson
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Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson – Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master
Original Price: $2,995
You Just Pay: $79.95 (One Time – 88% OFF)
Author: Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Chet Holmes & Jay Levinson – Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master
I got this from someone I know personally, who was one of the only 100 that attended.
This is the audio of the entire course, ripped from the original CDs. I saw that someone was looking for the audio only, rather than the DVDs.
Here’s the details, and below is a list of each CD, their speaker and the topics:
Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master was a hallmark accomplishment for any business owner savvy enough to attend.
“It blew my expectations out of the water.”
– Brian Latta, entrepreneur and attendee
“It got my entire team on the same page and pulling in the same direction with more power and impact than maybe any other learning experience of my life.”
– Bob Berry, Seminar Attendee
“I have to admit that both Jay and Chet one-upped themselves with this event. I’ve spent over $200,000 on seminars and personal coaching from Chet, so you’d think I’ve learned everything I should’ve already known. But I have to say, they went further, gave more and set me on the path to even greater growth. – And my business has grown 500% since I discovered Chet’s approach just two and half years ago.”
– David Dean, CEO of two companies and seminar attendee
“When I first discovered Jay and Chet, I had reps selling only $25,000 worth of product per month. Using the approaches and insights I gained, my lowest performing rep consistently tops $50,000 per month and I have some reps doing over $100,000 per month, consistently. I really learned how to systematize my success and that’s changed everything for my business.”
– Paul Iskyan, CEO and seminar attendee
The real secret to business success is not just getting ideas, but in getting the methods and step-by-step procedures in how to implement them.
How to set up your business for guaranteed success, the exact formula:
Success Step one: Develop a significant competitive advantage
This program was set up just like your business should be set up. Before you spend even one dime marketing your company, you should have clearly defined a strategic position that gives you an automatic advantage over your competitors.
For example, all carpet-cleaning companies sell mostly based upon price. Do you? If so, that’s the worst strategic position you can occupy. Why? Because it’s not defendable against any competitor who wants to under-price you to take market share.
We helped a carpet cleaning company create a strategic competitive advantage that worked like a steel trap to keep almost every caller that called, even at a price that was significantly higher than any of their competitors. In fact, they used the lower price competitors to their advantage.
So what positioning can YOU apply that suddenly gives you a significant advantage over all your competitors? There are excellent formulas available and they work for anyone wise enough to learn and apply them.
Even without our help, you need to spend some time really thinking through a strategic position that gives you every advantage over your competitors.
But with our help, there are amazing secrets that can give you huge advantage that bullet-proof you against the onslaught of competition today.
Success Step two: Your business model.
What’s your business model? Many companies find that they’ve set up their company the wrong way. We found an accounting firm who offered free training on software as a way of getting new clients, instead of just developing a powerful way of getting new clients. Most companies think it’s hard to get clients, but it’s easy, when you know how.
You have to constantly examine your business model to be certain that it is designed in a way to maximize your opportunity. Another company we worked with sold products every month with sales going up and down monthly without too much predictability.
We helped them think-through their model and develop some services to compliment their products. Within six months they developed steady cash flow from the same customers they were already talking to about their products.
So what’s your business model? Is it the best model it could and should be? If you had a heart problem who do you go to? A dentist? No. A cardiologist? Absolutely. You go to an expert. When you want to grow your company, who do you go to? Proven business growth experts, who’ve dedicated their lives to growing companies.
We know what it takes and it’s just not that hard. Better, smarter and more effective marketing is so easy once you know how. Easy. At Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master, everything was spelled out in simple detail. Is your business set up in a way that maximizes your opportunity or inhibits it?
Success Step Three: Play the long game, memes and slogans
Most companies never set out to breed brand loyalty on purpose. It only happens by accident. Yet, when you look at how much brand loyalty can mean to you and your business in the long term, it can make the difference between an easy life or a constant struggle.
The concept of memes (pronounced meems) was taught by Jay Conrad Levinson at Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master. Memes are a powerful way to play the long game. Since the eyes are the most powerful communication device in the game of marketing, you need a visual representation of your company that means something and is easily associated with your company. The Pillsbury Dough Boy. The Jolly Green Giant. These virtual icons are examples of creating a visual image to go with your marketing.
Everyone has heard of the importance of a slogan, touting your strategic position, but few have really learned how to develop them or properly use them. But your slogan, touting your strategic position — and a visual meme to represent you in the market you serve, are both important examples of thinking and acting for the long term.
So what’s your slogan and do you know the four rules for creating them? And does that slogan actually and effectively position you in such a way that makes everyone only want to buy from you over your competitors? Think of this slogan: “pizza, delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.” When that slogan first appeared in the commercial airways, no one delivered pizza except a handful of pizza places (in the entire country) and even they didn’t guarantee a time period.
Today, we accept that pizza will be delivered, but that simple slogan is solely responsible for this occurrence. And in the process of changing how we buy pizza, that slogan built a company that grosses over $ 9 billion per year.
Domino’s slogan did something we try to teach you to do on purpose: It “shifted the buying criteria” (a concept taught at the event) of the buyer so effectively, that the choice of where to buy pizza was shifted off of pizza itself! (let that sit in for a moment). It shifted the buying criteria off of pizza and onto what instead? Speed of delivery. Think about how powerful that is.
So what’s your strategic position and have you created a position so strong that your buyers use the criteria YOU set up as the criteria by which THEY are going to buy? This single powerful concept can operate like a flood gate of new buyers surging in your direction if you’re wise enough to THINK through the process. And of course, you can get a lot of help With Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master.
Success Step 4: Your super strategies versus your sub strategies


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